Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Gibraltar last year fully sponsored 2 projects on behalf of the Cancer Relief Gibraltar. The first project was towards specialised training course (Professional and Specialised Advanced Communication Training), training course to be carried out by facilitators/trainers from the Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit, Manchester, to GHA Healthcare Personnel, Healthcare practitioners, Hospital Doctors, GP’s, Nurses and Allied Health Care professionals. The 1-day course, done over 2 days to accommodate the number of attendees   were completed last week with excellent feedback from GHA and from the UK facilitators/trainers.

The course focused on:

  • Communicating diagnosis, treatment outcomes etc. with care, compassion, dignity and respect
  • Dealing with patients’ and family emotions
  • Involving patients’ in decision making and ensuring their level of understanding about their condition
  • Listening to individual concerns, care preferences and respecting their choices


The 1-day courses were completed on 14th & 15th, the cost of the 1st day fully met by the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Gibraltar.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Gibraltar Charitable Trust are delighted to have had the opportunity to sponsor this project by Cancer Relief Centre Gibraltar.

Below is photo of representatives of Cancer Relief Gibraltar, GHA, Maguire Communication Unit and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Gibraltar.