I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be writing or even thinking about weddings and wedding attire ever again! 

The outfit-search anxiety can sometimes set in when a dressy event comes a-knocking, but it’s really just a case of being fully prepared and learning from past mistakes. Only a year and a half ago, no one could have guessed that our fashion priorities would soon become face masks and leggings, so I think it’s safe to say that predictions for this year’s wedding guest outfit trends have been a little up in the air. What we do know is that we all have to tread a fine line when it comes to deciding what to wear; you want to look striking, let your personality shine through, but still appropriate all at the same time. At this point, I’d honestly be happy wearing anything that doesn’t come with a matching knitted top. 

Even with regards to actual bridalwear, we’ve also seen a huge shift in the past couple of years. Budget-friendly yet fashion-forward dresses have always been few and far between, but the fact is that for many brides-to-be, the idea of putting aside a mini fortune for a dress that will only be worn once and probably destroyed on the dance-floor, is becoming less and less appealing. I reckon that we are going to see an influx of smaller, more intimate weddings than we’re used to this summer (and maybe going forward too), and this is clearly reflected on the high street and even among high-end retailers, with a huge surge in ready-to-buy bridalwear now available from most clothing websites. With this meteoric rise in the sheer scope of well-priced bridal gowns and even jumpsuits, there’s zero shame attached to spending less; you’ll actually find that many affordable pieces can be incredibly chic and high-quality too.


Suiting is the perfect alternative to dresses if you prefer a funky yet put-together vibe. Whether it be pale pastel hues or eye-catching brights (wisely steering clear of white), you really can’t go wrong with a tailored two-piece! There’s also plenty of room to play with accessories, as well as the chosen top to complete the full look. 

Tapered Wool Blend Trousers, & Other Stories, £95.00
Crepe flowy suit jacket, Mango, £59.99
Boxy Single Breasted Blazer, & Other Stories, £165.00


If you’re struggling to compile the perfect trousers-top-jacket combo, then simply reach for one of your trusty statement dresses. While there are really no rules on the dress front per se (aside from the very obvious colour no-no), the only thing I’d bear in mind is that you often end up sitting down for long periods of time at weddings, and sometimes mini dresses aren’t the ideal choice for that reason. A midi or maxi will not only look elegant, but also end up being more practical on the whole. There’s no denying that our love of nostalgia continues to permeate our style choices, and so vintage style floral prints in particular are becoming increasingly popular among the wedding guest attire sections this year. Some things never change! 

Bridesmaid linear embellished blouson maxi dress with short sleeve, ASOS DESIGN, £85.00
Milla Square Neck Dress, Whistles, £179.00
Wrap bodice maxi dress with tie waist and pleat skirt in floral print, ASOS DESIGN, £55.00


Jumpsuits are truly my best friends, and make for a perfect in between if both suiting and dresses aren’t your preferred options. Flattering, comfortable and dance floor ready, there are so many gorgeous styles to choose from at great price points. I can’t say I’ve ever regretted wearing a jumpsuit.

Wrap Neckline Satin Jumpsuit, Mango, £59.99
Rhea Print Silk Jumpsuit, Whistles, £299.00
Phase Eight Blue Victoriana Spot Jumpsuit, £130


Accessories, although underrated, can often be the star of the show, and weddings offer us the perfect chance to let loose a little on this front while keeping the general ensemble more occasion-appropriate. They present us with an opportunity to add a burst of a colour if you usually prefer to stick to neutrals as I do, from chunky gold jewellery, to bejewelled sandals and bright bags. I know this isn’t a very sartorially-accepted admission, but I’m not the biggest fan of heels, particularly in recent times. I so rarely find a pair that’s truly comfortable; they’re either too restricting, too high, or too painful. There’s really nothing better than finding a stylish, affordable and comfortable pair that’ll carry you throughout an entire day’s long event unscathed. Look into kitten or strappy midi heels instead of the usual sky-high options; the high street is teeming with them. 

Twisted Pendant Earrings, & Other Stories, £27.00
Quilted cross body bag with bug hardware in red, ASOS DESIGN, £18.00
Medallion Necklaces, Zara, £14.99
Heeled Mules with Pointed Toe, Zara, £29.99
Heel leather sandals, Mango, £49.99
Handheld mini bag with ruched handle in white, Ego x Molly Mae, £22.49


Regardless of how wedding ceremonies continue to evolve over the next few years, I’m certain that the shift we’ve already seen will lead to greater flexibility with regards to what we even class as ‘bridal’. Thanks to ceremonies becoming more intimate, brides are hunting down versatile styles that won’t be relegated to the wardrobe as a piece of memorabilia, as well as simpler and more wearable silhouettes. 

Gigi crop top lace mini wedding dress, ASOS, £95.00
Mary cutout washed-satin gown, Vanessa Cocchiaro, £385.00
Mia Lace Wedding Dress, Whistles, £549.00
Gigi crop top lace mini wedding dress, ASOS, £95.00