By Claire Spencer

Golden God from Golden Hill, Yn Gymraeg Bron yr Aur,
With Jimmy, John and Bonzo you set our souls on fire,
O dŷ ger Machynlleth; from your house in that Celtic Land,
Shrouded in mist with magical lyrics at your command.

Proud Preening Peacock strutting your stuff across a floodlit stage,
Way Down Inside You Need Me to take you from your gilded cage,
Your Time is Gonna Come for sure for ever and a day,
Dros Fryniau Cymru; Over The Hills And Far Away.

Bare chested minstrel to the gods in Valhalla’s house of holy halls,
We are gonna dance and sing in celebration to your siren calls,
To the song that you sang on Led Zep Three in that promised land,
With that delicious dirigible of lead, rock music’s most blessed band.

Mic lead snake charmer with a whole lotta love from Kashmir,
You leave me Dazed and Confused, Thor’s very own balladeer,
Your symbol is the Feather of Ma’at, whose sign means cosmic peace,
You beautiful curly headed Heartbreaker, may your music never cease.

Black Country heavy metal merchant with a wild and screaming voice,
You’ll never have a Swansong, the rest will have no choice
But to follow in your wake as you climb that Stairway to Heaven,
For certain the Hammer of the Gods is in your possession.

Jimmy’s magical doubled necked Gibson, John’s room shaking bass,
Bonzo’s otherworldly drumming, but You Shook Me, like no one else,
Man Mountain Peter Grant and Richard Cole shooting from the hip,
Will fly you to the land of the ice and snow for Rock and Roll music’s wildest trip

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