October always creeps up on us, surprising with its presence. It was the summer just now but we’re suddenly in a full blown autumn. When did that happen? Can I still wear sandals or is it time to cover my toes? Julia shares her ideas on how to extend the summer through our wardrobes (p.65) but the arrival of pumpkins on every corner makes it pretty obvious what season we’re in… Halloween! A fantastic excuse to dress up as a witch, a zombie or a vampire. Gibraltar has a longstanding tradition of trick-or-treating as well as countless terrifying tales of lost souls wandering around old military defences. How much do we know about the Celtic origins of this festival and its eventual spread to America, where the true commercialisation of All Saints’ Eve spread worldwide? We unveil its morbid past and local ghost stories, including the Convent’s ‘Grey Lady’ (p. 34).jack-o-lantern21

In terms of things that go boo, Nicole goes bat spotting, but don’t worry, none flew into her hair. She tells us about the misunderstanding behind the cute, little, fuzzy mammals that are causing a sensation on the Rock (p. 38). Still within the realm of the underworld, Mark dances on ‘The Edge of Innocence’ with a fallen angel as he enters the bowels of the cemetery works to interview the Rock’s symphonic Gothic metal band, ‘Angelwings’.
When you’re done carving your pumpkins into scary Jack-o-lanterns, why not convert them into one of our two delicious recipes, pumpkin apple harvest rice and four ingredient pumpkin pie (p. 84)? Still on the gastronomic subject, we turn back the clock to the origins of Gibraltar’s favourite treat – pizza. Local celebrity chef Pepe Palmero talks about Genoese settlers at Catalan Bay spreading their culinary influence to great effect (p. 80).


We continue the coverage of local photographers with Anthony Williams who won this year’s ‘Our Gibraltar’ Photographic Exhibition with a wide-angle posterised photo of Rock, airstrip to dockyard (p. 58), as well as captured the spirit of October for our cover! The Gibraltar International Literary Festival is fast approaching so Polly gives us some tips on books for children (p. 96) with local poet Rebecca Faller poking fun at the Rock’s move to include male beauty pageants in a satirical poem (p.95). UK author Thomas Mogford returns to the festival with his murder/mystery series based on a fictional Gibraltarian lawyer, ‘Spike Sanguinetti’ (p.62).


In Business, Eran and Ayelet Shay take us down the route of customer satisfaction and its importance when forming business strategies (p. 26) while Ian explains how inheritance can be rather costly, especially with Spanish assets (p. 21). Gibraltar sport fans celebrate the Grammarians Hockey Club’s 65th anniversary with a historical rendition of their achievements (p. 74) and Gibraltar Cricket takes on Spain in the first official encounter against their rivals (p. 77). Finally, Team Britannia will set sail from Europa Point in a bid to make history for the Rock by becoming the quickest to sail around the world (p. 46).

Psychologists studying pranksters agree that playing tricks on others is a way of initiation, bringing people in, no matter how mean the joke may seem. At the end of the day, we come out stronger, often laughing and sometimes even transformed, so, let’s embrace the tradition and be tricked or get tricking (p. 18)…


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