One of the main features of October is the shedding of leaves marking the transition from summer to autumn. Gibraltar Cultural Services has already announced the programme of events for the season up until the end of the year. We give you the first instalment of the festivities in the news so you can choose which of the events you’d like to attend, and there really is a lot to select from to ensure the transition into the colder fronts is a little less painful.

Not in the programme, probably because this was their first summer, are the new market stalls on Turnbull’s Lane. In an effort to bring street markets back to Gib, a few older gentlemen set up their tables twice a week to sell curios and encourage others to do the same. Don’t we all have a few bits and pieces we could clear from our homes?

Environment is another area of our existence worth clearing and cleaning. We talk about air pollution in Gibraltar and the PollutionWatch Facebook page where eager environmentalists track the most prominent air pollutants in the area. We also examine how much protection the environment actually needs and if it is possible to be overprotective when it comes to endangered species. Where is the bottom line, and why should we even concern ourselves with nature? As long as our economy prospers, why care about diversity and eco-matters?

These and more (Passionate about free speech? Need advice on dangerous lizards in the area? Haven’t had any luck with a formal complaint? Really curious why that ambulance just passed with sirens on? Not happy with the date of a bank holiday? Saw someone embarrass themselves? Really want to express your opinion on something?) are the issues anyone can discuss on the most popular platform ‘Speak Freely!!!’. Molly took it upon herself to scroll through hundreds of Facebook posts and reports back on her findings.


Other leisure activities (that involve leaving the comfort of your mobile or tablet screen) include travelling around airports and taking amazing photographs of unusual planes. A few local plane spotting enthusiasts share their favourite shots of some impressive aircraft. If you’re more into road vehicles, especially the ones no longer driving on our 21st century roads, you might like to take a trip to Malaga, where the beautiful Museo Automovilístico can transport you back in time to La Belle Époque when cars looked very differently; some could even fly… For a trip further afield, this month, we offer Peru, where Incan gods left many signs for the mortals to decipher, where you find out the American Grand Canyon isn’t the deepest in the Americas, and where children with their pet alpacas will happily pose for your new profile photo.

In keeping with the transport-related theme emerging above, we asked our community what mode of transportation they like the most. No one said chasing the autumnal leaves…

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