As the crisp winter air approaches, we can see the community begin to wrap up warm and pile on extra layers. Are we perhaps wrapped up too tight sometimes? Does it then become ever excruciatingly more complicated to peel away the layers after a long day? In this issue, we give advice on how to manage stress levels in the workplace and keep employees happy (p. 30), but we also ask whether bullying and discrimination is ingrained in Gibraltarian culture (p. 41). Keeping one’s mental health in check is important so we take a psychoanalytical perspective as our new columnist Elaine, a psychotherapist by trade, explores the complexities of how stress affects the human mind (p. 78). With National Anti-Bullying Week taking place this month, Mum on the Rock peers into the effects of technology creating new channels for bulling at school (p. 96). It’s not all doom and gloom though, as one Scottsman brings Positive Vibes to the Rock’s social media (p.10).

It’s that time of year again when testosterone builds up around Gibraltar to spread awareness of men’s health through prickly, but creative moustaches for the Movember campaign (p.44). Featuring on our front cover, we have one of Gibraltar’s six ‘Rock Warriors’ who will lock themselves in a cage and fight brutal Mixed Martial Arts battles (p. 58). Spanish football expert and Sky Sport presenter Guillem Balagué returned for last month’s Gibraltar Literary Festival and we probe him on Team 54’s progression over the last few years.


Gibraltar was a hive of activity as a strategic British military base during World War II and at the heart of operations for the Allies’ African campaign, ‘Operation Torch’. We speak to local hero John Sciacaluga, a veteran anti-aircraft gunner who defended the Rock during the war (p. 35). Marcus traces his ancestry and, interestingly enough, he might have some Cherokee in him (p. 46)! Speaking about old vintages, Andrew uses his ‘wine time machine’ palate to take him back to the good old days (p. 82), but your taste buds will water when you check out our aduki balls and chocolate stout cake recipes (p. 84). Nicole sends us her first rendition of a ‘Sheltered Student’ from London (p. 48) where she reads, sleeps and does an awful lot of laundry… To round it all off, we ask our community why it is important to take part in Movember (p. 18)…