This month’s editor’s letter is coming to you from underneath a very warm, very welcomed manta, and con el frio que hace, we thought you’d need some suitable reading material to accompany you under yours.

Last month I decided to send my mother, a woman in somewhere in her early 60s (though I enjoy life too much to tell you exactly where), to boot camp for a week. All for you guys! When it comes to our articles, like a mother and her children, I never have favourites. But I must say I was particularly looking forward to this one. By the end of the trip, I think my poor mum was less ‘Who Dares Slims’, more ‘Who Cares If I Win’.*

In October, our reigning Miss Gibraltar took to the Med Steps with a team of willing walkers to climb them an almighty 3 times (that’s 3 times up, 3 times down – my legs ache just thinking about it!) in aid of charity ‘Clubhouse Gibraltar’. But if you’re planning to tackle them yourself, it’s not just the inclement weather you need to think about – it’s the furrier of our fellow residents, the macaques.

This is a public service announcement: stride confidently towards your wardrobe, grab a handful of clothes, and immediately throw them out. Then flip to Julia’s article on what we SHOULD be wearing this winter. (Checks are back in – yippee!)

This month we get thinking about thinking. We nab local neurologist Trevelayne Faller, and pick her brain about our brains. Or more specifically, about how they function. Or stop functioning altogether.

And finally, although we may not usually celebrate Thanksgiving here in Gibraltar, there’s no reason why we can’t join in on the feasting! Turn to our recipe pages to learn how to make an easy-peasy-pumpkin-squeezy pie. (Or, according to our local supermarket’s endearing labelling, ‘pumpking’ pie. It is, after all, the king of all pies.)






* (No mothers were harmed in the making of this article.)