Nine Lives’ Cosmin Tigroso takes over the Calentita Cocktail Bar


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Award-winning mixologist Cosmin Tigroso will be taking over the Calentita Cocktail Bar this year. Cosmin is Head Bartender at Nine Lives cocktail bar in Bermondsey, London – a bar opened by top London drinks agency Sweet & Chilli. Apart from serving up some of London’s finest cocktails, Nine Lives are renowned for their zero-waste ethos that ties in well with Calentita’s own environmental goals.

Cosmin himself is well known in cocktail circles, reaching this year’s semi-final of the prestigious Diageo World Class mixology competition. Cosmin is officially one of the UK’s leading bartenders. Apart from serving up some popular classics, Cosmin will be designing and serving up a cocktail specially created for, and inspired by Gibraltar and its multicultural community. Available for one night only at the Calentita Food Festival, it is a sure fire way to start off your summer.

A spokesperson for Word of Mouth commented “It is a pleasure and an honour to welcome top mixologist Cosmin Tigroso of Nine Lives London to take over the Calentita Cocktail terrace – we are really looking forward to tasting his Calentita Cocktail which will be specially created for this year’s food festival and inspired by Gibraltar’s multicultural community”.

Cosmin commented, “What an incredible pleasure it will be to create a unique cocktail for this special occasion in this very special place, Gibraltar. I can’t wait!”

Cosmin will be joined at the Calentita Cocktail Terrace by the amazing Gibraltar based team from Supernatural “We’re excited to be working with a great mixologist from an amazing cocktail bar in London and showcase some of the talents of our own cocktail bartenders at Supernatural. Calentita is famously about food, but the level of intricacy of some cocktails is akin to some of the finest foods in the world. It’s a pleasure to bring this to Calentita this year to complement the food offering.”

The Calentita Food Festival will take place on Saturday 23rd June 2018.