New Bicycle Racks at Nuffield Pool and Europort Road

The Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning is pleased to announce the roll out of further bicycle racks at both Nuffield Pool and Europort Road.

Well located bicycle parking provision is fundamental to encourage people to adopt cycling as a sustainable alternative mode of personal transport.

After taking on board feedback from cyclists, the preferred type of bicycle rack by far, are the tried and tested ‘Sheffield Stand’ design. These racks allow a bicycle to be held in at least two places, allowing it to be secured with a U-lock at the frame and one or both wheels. These type of racks provide a more convenient way to safely secure a bicycle as well as greatly reducing the risk of theft compared to other types of racks. They are also far more comfortable to use without the need for users to have to stoop down low in order to lock their bicycles.

Providing more bicycle racks also reduces the potential of bicycles being chained to signposts, handrails, fences and trees.

This initial phase will form part of a wider implementation plan to introduce more bicycle racks throughout Gibraltar in areas such as Europort Road, Harbour Views Road, Little Bay, Cornwall’s Parade and the new Comprehensive Schools at Waterport Road to name a few.

The Minister with responsibility for Transport, the Hon. Paul Balban said:

“Cycling infrastructure is key when trying to bring about a step change in the way that a population moves. Cyclists need to be able to find secure bicycle parking sufficiently nearby so that journey times can be substantially reduced. It is incredible how quickly bicycles just seem to appear the moment that cycling infrastructure is provided. Our aim is to provide further cycle parking throughout Gibraltar.”