National Celebrations Exhibition

On the 5th of September, our Fine Arts Gallery was home to a vast repertoire of art which came to life as it was bathed by the gentle sun rays that infiltrated through the windows. There is one feature these paintings shared: all depicted our Gibraltarian identity. The conspicuous Rock of Gibraltar was not the sole protagonist; our local gems such as Saint Michael’s Cave and Catalan Bay were also eminent in the exhibition along with the concealed messages of the cranes.

The latter was evident in Michelle Stagnetto’s and Derek Duarte’s paintings, which earned 1st and 2nd place, respectively. The former encapsulated the “old versus the new, [and] how Gibraltar is reacting to the new constructions. Is it developing too fast? Are we making mistakes? Are we making ourselves bigger and better? Which we don’t know the answers to, but she has encapsulated that in her work in a very sophisticated manner; there is confrontation [and] there is peace. [Something] which Gibraltarians would easily relate to,” one of the judges said. Duarte’s piece was able to conceal the same message through a different mean: a simple and yet meaningful roadwork sign.

The spectrum of the exhibition has proven the versatility of both our identity and our local artists. Well done to all involved.