More species continue to wash up on our beaches


Physalia physalis (Portuguese Man O’War), Velella velella (By-the-wind-sailors), and now Abylopsis tetragona, interestingly all 3 species beached together.

The latest species, Abylopsis tetragona, feed primarily on zooplankton and are currently visible on our shores. They are oceanic organisms which have been brought to our shores by the wind.

The shoreline at Eastern Beach have been littered with them this week.

Abylopsis tetragona are not known to sting humans at their present developmental stage. Caution is advised. With the upcoming long weekend, the public are reminded that the PMOW and By-the-wind-sailors still with the animals attached to the raft, do.

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Abylopsis tetragona photo credits: Melanie Soiza-Stagnetto TNP