Hi Celine! How is your reign as Miss Gibraltar going so far?

If I could describe my reign so far in one word, it would be: hectic. As soon as I won, I’ve had non-stop events, charity work, interviews and all the prep for Miss World (which was a lot). Juggling all of this with my job and my personal life has been tough, I’m not going to deny that, but nonetheless it has been extremely rewarding.

Knowing I have young girls that may look up to me, people who have reached out to me to thank me for what I have done, or said because they have felt that they could relate, is one of the most rewarding feelings I have felt to date.

Model: Celine Bolaños, Miss Gibraltar 2019
Photographer: Txiago Rogério
Designer & Stylist: Ismael Lopez
MUA: Deepak Ramchandani
Hair Stylist: Karina Walker, Fringe Benefits

What made you enter the Miss Gibraltar pageant to begin with, and what do you feel you gained along the way?

To be honest, I never in a million years ever thought I would enter Miss Gibraltar. I didn’t feel like it was for me, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I just didn’t think that it was on the cards for me. It was a literal last-minute decision, and what prompted me to go for it is the fact that it could potentially open up a lot of doors for myself in the future. I’m young and I’m at an age where the more doors I go knocking on now, the more opportunities I’ll have in the future.

“I wish to do as much as I can in order to get Gibraltar talking on this topic.”

What have you had to do as part of your new role so far?

I get invited to a lot of charity events and it’s fun to take part in them. However, my main focus (which was my ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ choice at Miss World) is mental health. And so I wish to do as much as I can in order to get Gibraltar talking on this topic.

Tell us about your experience at Miss World!

Miss World, much like my reign, was very hectic. It definitely pushed limits and made me learn a lot about myself that perhaps before I wasn’t aware of. I’m definitely not the same person coming back from Miss World as I was when I went.

I feel as though it’s taught me my biggest lesson yet, and that is to be so confident in who I am as a person, to not let the opinion of others rock me.

It’s not easy, but nothing rewarding ever is.

And finally, what would your advice be for any girls looking to enter Miss Gibraltar in future?

My advice for any girls looking to enter Miss Gibraltar is to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s not easy, but nothing rewarding ever is. You are looking to become an ambassador for your country, and the reign may only last a year, but it’s what you do in that year that could potentially determine the rest of your life.