The final 4 contestants for Miss Gibraltar 2020 were announced today, bringing the total to 12! Read more about the girls below.


Arianne Tierney, 19, Office Administrator

“I have entered for the excitement, fun, and friends I hope to make. I would like to work to remove the stigma that beauty pageant contestants all need to be slim and tall.”

Jaylynn Cruz, 23, Special Needs Teacher

“I entered the pageant as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Being Miss Gibraltar would give me a voice to raise awareness on topics that are important to me, such as disability rights and special education.”

Shyanne McIntosh, 21, Cashier & Rates Administrator

“Having previously taken part in a pageant, I am aware of the confidence boost this can give you and all the personal and mental growth it can bring. I recently went through a pretty rough time and thought this would be the perfect way to focus on myself and raise awareness for some charities very close to my heart.”

Akisha Ferrell, 18, Student

“With this experience and opportunity I am coming out of my comfort zone. I would like to prove to the world that no matter your race, colour, or religion, you are beautiful. Furthermore, I’d like to be a role model to young women in Gibraltar.”

Victoria Fisher, 21, Waitress

“I decided to enter Miss Gibraltar as I’m looking for a new challenge in my life. I would use this platform to promote the empowerment of women in Gibraltar.”

Melanie Vilerio, 18, Sales Assistant

“Although modelling is one of my primary hobbies, I feel that the Miss Gibraltar title is something which should be carried with pride. To be able to represent my hometown and my people on an international level is something I would only dream of. If I won Miss Gibraltar, I would ensure I continue to do what I do now, raising awareness regarding mental health issues, continue to conduct charity work, and help the people who need it.”

Janelle Duo, 18, Nursing Assistant

“I have always had a vision of me entering Miss Gibraltar since a very young age. I have also been encouraged by my family to be part of this experience. As a proud Gibraltarian I want to be a role model to the young generation and get involved with supporting different charities.”

Jessica Acris, 21, Nursing Assistant

“I’m entering Miss Gibraltar to boost my confidence. I’d like to win to change the stereotype of a beauty queen, and prove that you don’t have to be slim and perfect to be a Miss Gibraltar.”

Daniella Morillo, 23, Receptionist

“It has always been a dream of mine to enter Miss Gibraltar, and I feel it will help boost my confidence and self esteem. I would love to use this great platform to encourage other women in a positive way and end stereotypes.”

Isabella Gilbert, 24, Sales Assistant

I entered the pageant to boost my self confidence. If I won, I would enjoy being involved in supporting different local charities and helping the local community.”

Sarah Cruz, 24, Teacher

“My reason for entering is that I believe I can be a great ambassador to Gibraltar. I know I will give my very best and will be a Miss Gibraltar younger generations can relate to.”

Gail Cortes, 20

“I entered the pageant because it’s always been a dream of mine. I would like to be Miss Gibraltar to make a difference in our community.”