The Ministry for Housing is pleased to announce that the Housing Department and Housing Works Agency have collaborated with the Care Agency to provide internal refurbishment upgrades to its residential home for children.

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The building, which was handed over to social services in early 2011, was previously a Ministry of Defence residential block and had a very standard and monotonous feel to it. Fittings were not replaced at the time of the handover, and given its extensive use over the years, works were required.

Two years ago, a major internal refurbishment programme commenced so as to improve the living environment and make the experience of living in residential services feel more homely for children. The refurbishment has been extensive and has been programmed over the course of two years to minimize the disruption to the children who live in care. It has been phased in such a way that works have been undertaken to the flats as they became vacant.

The apartments and common areas have now been upgraded and works have involved the complete replacement of all floor finishes inside both apartments and commons areas, the replacement of all bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings, redecoration throughout these areas amongst the provision of other associated fixtures and fittings; bringing important improvements to all internal areas within this building.

Minister for Housing, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said: “I am really pleased to see the end result of the refurbishment plan and the high standard to which the homes have been finished, and tastefully so, and they now also have that individuality that was needed. Having previously been the Minister for Social Services, I was acutely aware of the need to provide for the most vulnerable of children, and particularly so, those who have been taken into care, as it is important when they are taken into a new environment that it feels as warm and homely as possible. I am very proud of how my teams at the Ministry for Housing have managed this refurbishment working closely with their colleagues at the Care Agency given the delicate and important environment in which they have been working, and which they have successfully done so and minimised the inconvenience to everyone who lives and works in the building”.

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Hon Neil F. Costa MP, added: “These very welcome refurbishments to the Care Agency’s residential home for children provide further evidence of the Government’s commitment to continually invest in the services that we provide to some of the most vulnerable persons in our community. It is important that when a child cannot live with their family, that they are brought into a living environment in which they feel safe, secure and comfortable. I wish to thank my friend and colleague, Samantha Sacramento, for her unwavering support to our children in care, as well as the Housing Department and the Care Agency teams”.