one of the on-going projects that the Gibraltar Heritage Trust is currently undertaking is the restoration of Witham’s Cemetery. The cemetery requires periodic weeding and tree husbandry and the project envisages the re-instatement of paths, restoration of headstones and the eventual opening of this historic site to visitors.

Work kicked off last year with a unit from the Royal Signals Regiment clearing the Cemetery completely of weeds and bushes and continues through the efforts of a small yet energetic group of GHT volunteers who are on site every Monday morning.

The more major infrastructural works required are being supported by Reafina,  who will be providing the installation of a new entry point and a main path running through the cemetery.

The UK based Friends of Gibraltar Society has pledged a donation to help with the huge task of the restoration and the Trust has also received some private donations towards the works. Hand in hand with the clearance work, volunteers are also involved in researching the lives of those buried there with some very interesting stories emerging.

As part of his responsibilities for both Heritage and the Environment, Minister Cortes visited the site earlier this week to express his appreciation and support to the Gibraltar Heritage Trust volunteers.

Minister Cortes commented that he was always surprised and inspired by the countless groups of volunteers who are willing to give their free time to help with Heritage and Environmental matters. These sometimes unrecognised volunteers provide a valuable service to the community and help Gibraltar be the place that we all love.

For further information on the project contact the GHT office.