How to achieve your New Year’s resolution.

94% of New Year’s resolutions fail before the end of February. It is not so much a lack of willingness, or ability to achieve them, but more of a misunderstanding in how to create lasting change.

Most New Year’s resolutions are set for a specific result or goal, such as learning a new language, getting fit, eating healthy, or losing weight.

Therein lies the problem, as we don’t consider our intentions or resolutions.

Intentions are the reasons why we want to achieve a certain outcome. For example: wanting to feel well or be less out of breath could be the intention for wanting to get fit. Being able to communicate with people in another country would be the intention for learning a new language.

Resolutions are firm decisions to do, or not do, something.

Goals are not actions, they are an end result and therefore are very difficult to achieve unless made into actionable steps.

The importance is on actionable small steps that can be done no matter what.
For example, if you want to learn a new language, you might commit to 10 minutes of practice and learning every day. You could set a timer or use an app and make yourself accountable by telling your friends about what you are doing so that they can support you.
If you want to get fitter, perhaps you could commit to going to the gym 3 times a week, or to doing 25 press-ups a day. Make it small, sustainable, and above all, doable – no matter what.

So the take-away is, set your:

Goal: I want to do/be able to do .

Intention: Why do I want to do this/ What is the purpose of doing this?

Resolution: Take action; commit to small consistent actions and do them no matter what.

Be aware that you will face resistance along the path, and remember that your mind is really good at making up stories that play into creating comfort and not doing what you have committed to doing.

Your thoughts are the only thing you are up against, and they are not something you need to listen to.



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