May 2020: Editor’s Note


Y que, how are your banana loaves coming along?

It’s been very strange being cooped up for… how many days has it been now? 1467, I’m pretty sure. Fewer events and meetings, more DIY haircuts, exercising our right to exercise, Tiger King, and TikToks (if you don’t know, don’t try to find out unless you’re willing to lose many precious hours of your life). My sympathy goes out to all house pets; I now understand the excitement of staring out the window.

For resident travel blogger, Penelope (AKA The Flyaway Girl), it has been especially hard having her wings clipped. It’s all too easy to get suckered in to the daily doom and gloom emanating from all our technological devices, so instead of our regular travel piece, she’s compiled a helpful list of things we can do to protect our mental health during lockdown (p. 29), as well as some excellent online resources that will allow you to travel the world – from the comfort of your own home (p. 69)!

If you’re looking for some easy meals that won’t require any products that are too fancy, or ‘restricted’ at Morrisons, try out our Cinco de Mayo Stuffed Peppers recipe with a side of Minty Pomegranate Salsa (p. 86). ¡Arriba!

It’s all too tempting to slip into a pair of pyjamas (or never slip out of them) when working from home, but could your performance and mental health be taking a hit as a result? Julia explains the importance of making that physical and mental divide between work/home (p. 80). Those fluffy pyjamas with the cute dogs on them might be a firm favourite for downtime, but could those schnauzers be messing with your productivity?

The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park can’t simply switch off the lights and close the gates; the animals still need to be fed and cared for every day. So how have they been coping? Head over to our Zookeeper’s Diary to find out (p. 42)!

I don’t like the term ‘social distancing’ – I prefer ‘physical distancing’, as it’s arguably now more important than ever to maintain our social connections as we navigate this new normal. So, keep up those FaceTime calls, send those WhatsApp messages, and join in the family Zoom quizzes wherever possible.

See you on the other side.

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