Can you believe it’s March already? 2019 is flying by in a blur of tinsel, heart-shaped cards, and Easter eggs. We’ll be stocking up on beach towels and frozen Sun Tops before we know it!

March is a lovely transitionary month as spring is sprung, but it is particularly special forthose of us of the homogametic sex, as it plays host to both Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day.

In keeping with this theme, Denise talks women, mentorship, work culture and start-ups, recognising the balance they bring within our society.

On the cover we have four lovely local ladies, each inspirational in their own right. Read more about our cover girls.

Following the well-attended annual International Chess Festival at the Caleta Hotel, we have some interesting chess pieces to accompany our regular back-page chess column. Read about Anna Cramling-Bellon paving the way for young female chess players as she follows in her parents’ footsteps, leaving a string of triumphed amateur championships in her wake at just seventeen.

Also in sport (albeit rather more physical than mental), we have an International Island Games exclusive for your eyes, as organiser Linda Alvarez dishes the dirt on ‘Super Sunday’, Summer Nights-style entertainment, and single-use plastic.

Dipping a toe into the vast pool that is Gibraltar’s history, this month we are gifted with a personal first-hand account of what it was like to be evacuated from the Rock, before returning four years later in 1944 .

We’re pirouetting into March with not one but two dance features; Gibraltar is well-known for its talent in this field, not least because of all the hard work put in by groups such as Stylos Dance Studios and Yalta Dance Studio .

And lastly, is luring wild sharks towards a tourist filled cage a step too far, or has it a net positive outcome once all is considered? Best to play on the safe side (phew).

That’s all from me this month. Now go and spoil your mums!