Malcolm Blagg Retires After 50 Years of Service


Earlier today, Lorraine Laguea-Blagg posted a statement announcing the retirement of her father-in-law, Malcolm Blagg.

Malcolm has been a well-known figure in Gibraltar, keeping our cars running since his days on Line Wall Road. To read Lorraine’s post, see below.

We wish you the best in your retirement, Malcolm. Thank you for your service!

“On behalf of my father in law Malcolm Blagg, his family and all his colleagues who have worked at “La Gasolinera de Malcom Blagg” over the years, we would like to thank all our clients for all your kind support, custom and general chat throughout so many years and wish you all the very best in your and your cars’ lives. We hope that you will be as happy with the new management and their service, as you have been with us during our running of the petrol station.

Although it seemed that he would be pumping petrol forever, as he has been (in shorts), day in day out for the best part of 50 years, the time has actually come for my father in law, Malcolm, to hang up the nozzle one last time, check what remains of his oil levels and retire. And you will all agree it is a very well deserved retirement indeed.

The man is a unique character. A lot of us will miss him at the petrol station, but do you honestly think that he will not be out and about Gibraltar, in full Nelson regalia or otherwise for as long as he can muster?! This Friday, he may be closing the door of the petrol station one last time but his kind heart will continue to be open to Gibraltar, the place and people he loves the most for many years to come.

So all there is to say is, Rule Brittania and three cheers to the one and only Lord High Admiral of La Gasolinera del South District, Malcolm Blagg.”


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