A 15-year-old Westside Student won an honourable mention in the Universal Postal Union’s International Letter Writing Competition for Young People 2016.
Anna Grech was presented with the Special Mention Certificate and prizes during a ceremony at the Finance Centre Boardroom early last month.

The letter is one written by her 14-year-old self to her 45-year-old self, in which she describes her dreams and aspirations for the world. The letter goes on to explore her hopeful expectation that in the intervening years peace will have been restored across the world, equality the norm and cures for common ailments found.

“We should all be very proud of what Anna has achieved; her letter has been placed within the Honourable Mentions that have been granted, placing her within the top thirteen entries sent in by 980,000 participants from 64 countries. It is a remarkable achievement and deserving of our congratulations,” said Albert Isola, Minster for Postal Services.

Anna is confident that by the time she reads her letter, she will have achieved great things and the bonds with her family will not have faded over the years.

She concludes by acknowledging that the expectations she had set may be too high for herself and for the world she lives in and quotes a statement by Emma Watson in a speech to the United Nations; ‘we can change the world. If not me, who? If not now, when?’