Two local authors won ‘The Readers’ Favorite International Book Award’ for their book entitled ‘Little Bird Lost’ in a competition held in Miami last month.

Kate and Steve Larkinson were presented with the award on the back of having won another award at a different competition held in Los Angeles earlier in the year.

Literary Classics is an organisation dedicated to furthering excellence in literature that appeals to young people, while educating and encouraging positive values in the impressionable young minds of future generations. The organisation’s review of Little Bird Lost is as follows: “Little Bird Lost is a literary labor of love brought on by a lucky encounter. Steve Larkinson happened upon a nest with some baby birds and was able to capture some winning photos of a mother and father bird caring for their little ones.

Inspired by these photos, Kate Larkinson penned a lovely poem which is perfectly paired in this wonderful little book.”

Kate said she was inspired to write the story after Steve captured an endearing series of photos of baby swallows in their nest that humorously depicted greed, sharing, sibling rivalry and parental care.

“We’re incredibly grateful that in such a competitive field, the judges of both these literary organisations have deemed our little book to be worthy of their awards. It’s such a great honour,” Mrs Larkinson said.

Little Bird Lost is available from local bookshops and online at Amazon in paperback and eBook editions. Further information can be found at