A secret Princess. A school for Battle Mages. A war that has raged on for decades…

These are the strings that connect to create young Kora Stones destiny. When she meets a mysterious stranger, she steals herself away with him in order to train at the Insititute and become a Battle Mage. There’s only one problem, she doesn’t have the Power.

Leaving her tragic life behind and lying to her peers to become a Battle Mage, she meets Satine, her true soul twin, and the risks are doubled.

Can she save herself and her Partner in times of hardships? When a Princess that is the key to ending the war is revealed to be closer than they could ever know. On the brink of destruction, the weight of the world collides with Kora and Satine, now more than ever they will need each other.


The first in a trilogy, Princess Cursed is available on Amazon. Click here to purchase.