Memoirs from Los Angeles by Caleta-born actress, model, designer and socialite Lindsay Robba.

Caleteña actress and seamstress Lindsay Caroline Robba surely has put ‘the other side of Gibraltar’ on the map with her residency in Los Angeles, where most people had never heard of her hometown before, but just ‘luved’ her British accent and agreed that Marbella, the nearest known resort, looks exactly like a miniature Beverly Hills.

Lindsay Caroline Robba

Indeed Beverly Hills was the launch-pad for Lindsay to participate in shows like MTV’s Disaster Dates and to audition for movies; unfortunately, because of issues with her green card, she fell short from securing a role opposite Adam Sandler in the hit comedy Pretend Wife.

Yet, it was all work and all play for the blonde beauty with the winner smile, who managed to meet and befriend celebrities like “Leo (sic) di Caprio, who was a friend of a friend”, and Nicole Scherzinger, with whom Lindsay claims having attended mass sometimes on Sundays.

The highlight of her American adventure was gate-crashing a Playboy Mansion’s Halloween party: “I was dying to visit the place and I knew that could be my only chance, so I just decided to show up, even if no way I had an invitation! I had no dress either, so I made one out of a Tie Rack scarf, and just joined the long queue of six-foot models, holding a regular invitation of course, and some of them flown in purposely for the event. I fibbed my way in cheekily pretending I was a British model, and eventually I made it to mingle with the most beautiful people in showbiz.”

There, she met 80s heartthrob Corey Feldman amongst others: “I had a picture taken with him, and later a gossip magazine speculated on our alleged love affair! He actually shrugged away my concerns at near naked models posing for photographs with random men, reminding me that we were at the Playboy Mansion after all.”

The funniest anecdote from this soirée is one about a popular fashion designer asking after her personal dressmaker: when she candidly admitted she’d just cut and sewn herself an off-the-rack scarf a few hours earlier, the designer just pivoted on the heels and walked away without a word.

Lindsay’s professional career took off in 2009, cast for a secondary role in Álvaro de Armiñán’s horror movie Open Graves about a group of surfers playing a lethal board game. She soon became Álvaro’s muse and starred in his Amores Limpios, Soledad del Triunfo, exploring the behind-the-scenes of bullfighting, and Segundas Oportunidades. In the first, Lindsay played a Russian immigrant refuse collector who falls in love with her co-worker, but their happy ending is cut short by deportation: “The dialogue is in Spanish, so I had to speak Castilian with a Russian inflection. To make it believable, I spent a few days with a Russian-born footballer’s wife to pick up her lilt.”

Lindsay showed a keen interest in acting since her teenage years, when she participated in various productions staged by the late Lionel Perez, Cecil Gomez, John Charles Guy and Joe Cortes. She played ‘Religion’ in an entry to a past Drama Festival: “It was a play within a play, so we played the actors who played those abstract concepts, and how they interacted at rehearsals. At some point my character takes a break from playing Religion, and pours a whisky. Unfortunately, the adjudicator didn’t appreciate that, claiming I was too young an actor to be parading around on stage with a whisky in my hand, and so doing I offered a bad example for the youngsters in the audience!”

Religion plays a big part in Lindsay’s life, as she explains: “I was raised a Catholic, but I realised I no longer identified with it and felt the need to explore other philosophies. I found solace in Jewish mysticism, and often performed Kabalistic meditation in order to focus my energy and be able to control my material and spiritual destiny. Every thought creates energy, so we must cast away negative thoughts to prevent the irradiation of negative energy. And protection from that energy is of vital importance if we want to keep purity with all the world problems that exist in our daily existence. According to Kabalah, no precept should be fulfilled merely in the name of tradition or commemoration without a deeper understanding of the reasons underlying that precept.” Lindsay declares herself passionate about her studies of seven years especially with spiritual Master of Kabbalah Albert Gozlan, who also “explains about the study of the Zohar as the essence of the Torah given once to Moses and recovered by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and many other brilliant scholars”.

In the materialism of material, intended as in fabric, Lindsay can channel her creativity, following the footsteps of her mother Rose, who has been a fashion designer and seamstress for forty years. Their fashion brand Mystic Rose Couture caters for glamorous eveningwear, with figure-hugging bodices and flaring skirts, peek-a-boo lace and nude-flesh mesh in structured cuts and luxurious fabrics woven with intricate embroideries or brocades. “Our designs are bespoke, and you are guaranteed you will be wearing a unique piece,” she says. “We try to keep the prices affordable although materials are expensive, and a few meters are required for a full-skirt frock, especially for larger sizes, which I love to design and make gowns for.” When their creation fits and suits perfectly their customer, mother and daughter feel like they have just produced a work of art. “We deal with alterations to our customers’ online purchases, too, and the trickiest part is adding one size to a snug dress: I much prefer when a loose one needs sizing down!”

And that’s not all: “When fabrics are sequined or beaded, we have to remove a line to clear a path for the needle to run without snapping. This is a delicate operation and quite messy, because if the wrong ones are plucked out they may take others with them, and make the whole pattern come undone! Consequently, beads and sequins scatter everywhere, and no matter how often we sweep, the floor is always covered in them.”

Lindsay made the evening gown for Mrs Gibraltar 2017 Megan Danino to take to Durban, and proved she can be creative with her ingredients when she crafted a frock out of newspaper for a Miss Glamour contestant. She’s working on her new collection that she hopes to take to the catwalk soon – for charity of course, as she already did in shows produced by Sonia Golt and Kelvin Hewitt.

And after that, who knows? She will pack her best numbers in her suitcase and fly to the States again…