When Harriet ‘Boo’ Eaton isn’t chronicling the hilarious trials and tribulations of her day-to-day university life on Instagram, this inspirational student spends her time sending ‘Letters of Support’ to those in need.

What has led you to be so empathetic about others in life?

I set up Letters of Support after I’d had some struggles with my mental health and I didn’t want anyone else to feel the way that I did, so I wanted to do my own thing to help others. I also wanted to give back to the community of people that had helped me so much when I was struggling by paying that kindness forward to others.

What is Letters of Support?

It’s a charity project I set up just after my GCSEs, where people who are struggling with mental health issues can request a letter of support. I will hand write and post them a letter (sent by email if they live outside of the UK), letting them know that whatever they are going through they are not alone and that a completely random stranger is rooting for them.

“I wanted to pay that kindness forward.”

It began after I saw a documentary on BBC Three about someone doing the same sort of thing. I really admired her and wondered if I could set up something similar. I had no idea it would grow to the scale that it is today.

The main theme and reasons behind the project is reminding people that they aren’t alone. Mental illness can be incredibly isolating and sometimes you need to be reminded that people care about you and are grateful for your existence

What has the response been like so far?

The response has been so great, it is still going three years later and I have written over 325 letters. People have given me such amazing feedback saying that it has helped them, which motivates me to keep going and expand the project in the future

What would you like to do with it in the future?

I am currently doing a collaboration with @Knotted.Colors (on Instagram) who has provided friendship bracelets for me to include in the letters as a physical representation that you are not alone. In the future I want to keep writing letters for as long as I can and helping as many people as possible.

What are your words of wisdom for people going through a tough time right now?

You are not alone – no matter what your brain is saying, you are so loved and so appreciated and I am so glad that you’re here trying your best to deal with some really tricky stuff.

Keep going, it will get better.

Follow Harriet on Instagram: @bamboozle63 and check out her project @letters.of.support.