Gibraltar’s Gorham’s Cave UNESCO World Heritage Site bid was commemorated last month by the Royal Gibraltar Post Office with a British style mounted letter box installed at Europa Point.

The RGPO installed the Elizabeth II lamp pedestal-mounted letter box in the lighthouse area near the ‘Welcome to Europa Point’ sign. A plaque celebrating the feat was also included in the fitting.

The letter box pays tribute to the hard work behind the scenes to gain acceptance for Gorham’s Cave Complex into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

“Post Office surveys have indicated the need for a letter box to cater for the increased number of visitors, and the postcards that they will likely generate, now that postcards and stamps are available at the Europa Point Express outlet,” Neil Costa Minister with responsibility for Postal Services said. “The inscribing of Gorham’s Cave Complex into the UNESCO World Heritage List will undoubtedly further enhance the number of visitors to the area. Further, in order to commemorate this incredible achievement for Gibraltar, a plaque to this effect has been added to the letter box.”