as part of the implementation of recommendations contained in the Sustainable, Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan, HM GoG has announced the introduction of Pilot Residential Parking Schemes (RPS) around Gibraltar.

The introduction of this first Pilot RPS Zone, known as Zone 1, is launched following detailed and thorough research of the sustainable parking plan taking into account resident and stakeholder feedback. The scheme shares the positive attributes of existing residential parking zones and aims to improve certain aspects whilst taking into account the core needs of residents within residential areas.

These designated residential parking zones aim to provide residents with an improved chance of parking whilst still supporting the needs of visitors and commercial activity in those areas. The success of the RPS will rely on effective parking enforcement in these areas and will be regularly patrolled by the appointed Parking Management Officers (PMO’s).

The Residential Parking Schemes will also indirectly tackle the issue of derelict vehicles on the public highway in connection to regular street cleaning campaigns and will therefore result in better management of existing on-street parking stock.

In the general development of the Residential Parking Schemes (RPS) in Gibraltar will be divided in to a number of discrete designated zones where residents within those zones will be eligible to apply for a Resident Parking Permit. Within each Residential Zone there will be a mix of exclusive resident parking (resident permit holders), free parking and pay and display parking as well as loading and unloading bays, disabled parking bays and motorcycle bays.

By making a proportion of available parking within a RPS zone exclusive for residents of that area, the intention is to increase the available parking opportunities for permit holders as they will no longer need to compete with other visitors to the area. Whilst the scheme itself will not provide a guaranteed parking space for residents it will provide an increased chance of finding a parking space.

Residents will be eligible to apply for a permit provided they do not owe Government arrears. Residents are not obliged to apply for a permit if they do not wish to do so but the number of parking opportunities available to them will be reduced.

In order to apply for a Residents’ Parking Permit, applicants will need to provide proof of residency within the zone, a valid MOT certificate (if applicable) and the Certificate of Vehicle Registration (Log Book), together with proof of identity.

The permits will be issued on a per household basis with no limit on the number of permits being applied for.

The cost structure of the permits will be as follows:-

• First permit per household £ 5.00 per calendar month • Second permit per household £10.00 per calendar month • Third permit per household £20.00 per calendar month

The cost of permits will continue to double for each additional permit issued.

Persons over 60 will receive a 50% discount, only on the FIRST permit that is issued per household.

Motorcycles and mopeds will not be required to obtain a Residents’ Parking Permit but will only be able to park in designated motorcycle parking bays within the defined zone.

Further information on how Residential Parking Zone 1 will operate will be provided within an information booklet available online http://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/new/ and from the Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd. Application forms can also be obtained at Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd, Waterport Road, Gibraltar.

Over the coming year the Residential Parking Scheme will be extended to other areas of Gibraltar and existing residential parking schemes already in operation will be harmonised to bring them in line with this new scheme.

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