Artists Alex Menez, Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga, Lizanne Figueras, Ermelinda Duarte, Naomi Martinez, Aroa Nuñez, Jenny Brown and Judith Shaylor brought to the table fifteen thought-provoking and inspiring pieces of varied artistic disciplines; from a short film to sculpture work, photography and even some installation art.

Sexhibition organiser Alex Menez said, “Sex is fun, natural and anything you want it to be, and this is why Kitchen Studios have decided to celebrate the one thing all humans like to do by organising an open call for artists from within Kitchen Studios and beyond to submit their exploratory work”.

The event took place at what Kitchen Studios consider their second home, The Kasbar, who have already collaborated with Kitchen Studios on a number of projects. Sexhibition was well-attended by both artists and non-artists alike, and received positive reviews from all for essentially being an exhibition about sex but without being offensive, and in-keeping with being about the art and the freedom of artistic expression.

Given the success of the event and the fact that due to the reduced size of the intimate venue some artworks had to unfortunately be turned down, Kitchen Studios will be strongly considering a second event at a later date. Kitchen Studios co-founder Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga said, “It’s really good to see how we are constantly receiving not only good reviews from people attending our shows, but we are also constantly getting work sent to us from artists who wish to collaborate and partake in our events. Whilst turning down work and being selective isn’t ideal, it only means we have more than enough to choose from; artists are keen and it only gives us more opportunities to fill our calendar with fantastic events”.

Kitchen Studios are constantly moving onto bigger and better things, with a very interesting proposal coming up next October. Together with Andalucia-based artist Judith Shaylor, Kitchen Studios will be partaking in a two-weekend artist’s residency in Tarifa from October 18-20th and 25-27th, with the intention of bringing together artists from Gibraltar, La Linea, Algeciras and Tarifa, with work produced being exhibited in the Tarifa Castle.

If you’d like to get involved in this or other projects, or for more information, please get in touch with Kitchen on: 


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