Summer officially starts in June! Yay! As many places in the world celebrate the summer solstice, known as San Juan across the border, the night of the 23rd of June is the shortest of the year, marking the changing of the seasons. According to pagan traditions, the gods make themselves visible to us that night so that we, mere humans, can show them thanks for their divine care. This month, our new contributor Peter Schirmer launches a column about gods and their endeavours on the Rock – they have just moved here and follow our lives closely, so be sure to check out their perspective on our earthly habits.

As we are getting ready to lounge on the beach, Ian argues that, perhaps this year more than ever, it is vital to disregard summer hours and focus on strengthening business opportunities.  Eran and Ayelet offer their ideas on how to check sales metrics in retail, while Sylvia stresses the importance of a healthy business culture and advises on how to fix one that has not been working.

In Life, we visit wild macaques in Morocco with Jess from the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park. She has travelled deep into the African mainland to search out the cousins of our very own monkeys and is reporting back on her sightings. Also, to mark World Meat Free Day on June 12th, two days before this date, Jess will be manning Conscience Eating stall at this year’s Calentita Festival. With the current state our environment is in, we simply cannot continue indulging in our destructive habits. In her informative article, Eyleen proposes simple changes you can make to lower your carbon footprint.

Gibraltar Samaritans is a new branch of the international charity, and they are currently looking for local volunteers, so if you would like to help, they would love to hear from you. Kusuma Trust and Fire Tech Camp organised workshops for young students last month to learn about coding and programming. The youngsters were all very excited (I would be too!) to get their hands on some fantastic technical kits that enabled them to create what would only seem like magic to a layman.

Speaking of magic, last month saw two Gibraltarians break into the ‘USA Today’ bestsellers list, with one of their novels about a ‘hard, angry, flawed and yet, kind and compassionate vampire’ – as described by one of their fans. Stephanie and Lee Dignam have so far fulfilled their promise to write one book per month in 2017 (!) and we are celebrating their achievements on the American reading scene by putting them on our cover.


We also went out to the streets to ask the general public about their favourite fictional characters. I don’t think any vampires made the list, but it’s well worth checking and planning which book you will be taking with you to the beach. Or will you be too busy looking after your kids to indulge in any reading? Polly, Mum on the Rock, discusses the pros and cons of taking your children on holiday with you.

My personal favourite news of the month was finding out about the TableTop society. This group is encouraging you to buddy up with friends or strangers to play some old and new board games! Sophie speaks to the organisers and outlines the lowdown of the games. Beware, I’m bringing Catan to the beach!

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