June marks the 50th anniversary of the border closure in 1969 under Franco’s regime. It was a move of untellable consequences to those living either side of the frontier, and one designed to bring Gibraltar to its knees. As ever, Gibraltar proved to be a pillar of strength, holding steadfast at a time of great unrest. This month Peter Schirmer sits down with local historian Tito Vallejo , and we bring you a brief history of the Gibraltar/Spain border.

New Zealand, Aotearoa, Middle-earth or ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’; whatever you call it, this country might just pip others to the post on your travel list. Chris Hedley is bringing you an all-you-need-to-know guide to an island with natural scenery quite literally straight out of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Mára mesta!

Ever dreamed of having your very own wine cellar? Andrew Licudi hands out some tips for successful cellaring, whether for professional purposes or simply for the odd convivial dinner.

To have your own cellar, you first need a home. But it’s not just the younger generation of Gibraltarians who are struggling to get a foothold in the local property market… resident Neanderthals Mr and Mrs Ug are having a tired old time too.

There’s no doubt that the sober tribe is growing in numbers, with popular social media personalities @soberfishie & @thegaysober paving the way with their encouraging and inspiring Instagram posts about finding health and happiness after alcohol. Jasmin Griffiths is urging us to slip the binding manacles of booze, prompting JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) in lieu of the all-to-familar FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as she strives for sobriety.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you who have taken Gib Mag on holiday with you – we’ve loved your photos! You have until June 30th to be in the running for cocktails for 2 at Paradise Tiki Bar, and a week of meals at Supernatural. Simply take a photo of you holding your copy as far away from Gibraltar as you can get, and send to editor@thegibraltarmagazine.com.

Happy snapping!