JUMPSUITS – Jumping on the trend

First and foremost, a jumpsuit is a fantastic going-out option during the chillier months. As a major friolera myself, wearing dresses in the bitter winter temperatures doesn’t particularly fill me with joy, and the standard jeans-and-a-nice-top look isn’t the most inspiring of options to fall back on time and time again. With a huge range of long-sleeved styles available, a jumpsuit may be the perfect solution for all of your cold weather fashion troubles. They’re also fantastic pieces to sport throughout the transitional spring months that are due to grace us soon!

One of the best things about the jumpsuit as well as its more summer-appropriate sibling, the playsuit, is that they can both be styled numerous ways. From feminine and fitted, to flared and funky: there are unlimited options at your disposal. They can be worn with heels or flats, and are really welcoming to layering, which again means more versatility with regards to the weather. You could wear one for your most casual coffee date, yet also find one perfectly appropriate for a gorgeous wedding guest look (and it’s probably less likely that someone will be wearing the same outfit as you.)

When presented with a formal occasion, I think it’s natural to assume that a dress is our only option. While a dress may indeed be the safer choice, something we’re used to, and well within our comfort zones, a jumpsuit will never fail to make an impact. A sleek and well-fitted one-piece will have heads turning, but will still be less in-your-face than any potentially ostentatious gown.

Equally, for a more casual affair, a jumpsuit is the perfect item to get you out of your jeans and t-shirt rut at long last. Sporting a jumpsuit can have the immediate effect of making you feel a little overdressed, but you can easily offset your self-consciousness by teaming it with some trainers for a laidback and effortlessly stylish look. A funky pair of dungarees is not only bang on trend, but also allows for so many fun styling options. A boiler suit, although one of my favourites (from afar), I have to say is one of the trickier styles to get right, teetering on that fine line between I’m-about-to-get-stuck-into-some-DIY-and-wall-painting and pure style Goddess. All it really takes is a good fit and some rolling up at the ankles, a pair of strappy heels if you’re wanting to jazz it up a little, and some basic jewellery. As soon as I learn how to pull it off, I have a feeling it’s going to be my go-to date night outfit.

If you’re new to the jumpsuit game, don’t feel like you have to go all in with a complex print or busy silhouette right from the get go. A simple black style is a safe bet and only needs minimal accessorising; the fact that you’re even sporting a jumpsuit in the first place is statement enough. Generally, styles that are looser on the legs and cinched in at the waist tend to be the most flattering silhouettes. If you’re tall, wide leg jumpsuits could be a great go-to, and if you’re a little smaller in stature, you may want to opt for a slim-fit, cropped style, in order to avoid drowning out your physique in too much fabric. At the end of the day, there really are no rules in fashion, so just wear whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in.

As with all one-pieces, all you really need is a good pair of shoes, and some staple accessories. Accessories are key to any look, but particularly to a jumpsuit, where you may need a sparkle or special item to break up the monotony of your outfit. Jewellery has the power to create a secondary focus point, detracting from just the outfit itself. A belt is one of the simplest yet most crucial accessories you could add to a jumpsuit. Not only will it break up the look, but it will also serve to accentuate your waist and show off your figure. I personally love a metallic belt to contrast the colour and texture of the look.

I’ve bigged up jumpsuits enough, but honestly, I wonder if anything else that’s so simple has the ability to look so cool, so comfortable, so utilitarian, and so flattering. Like dresses, they give you an entire outfit in one go, but unlike dresses, they don’t stop short at women’s fashion, and can often be totally unisex. Male dungarees and boiler suits have been hugely trendy over the past few years, although I’m not quite sure if they’ve been on our radar in Gib quite yet. I think the main issue is that men have not been slowly weaned onto the concept of a one-piece. Instead, high-brow fashion brands as well as those slightly more left field have released laughable pieces that look downright comical, and simply not for your everyday guy. But if you take it back to basics, a simple baggy denim pair of dungarees or a drop-crotch Rick Owens-esque piece can actually look really awesome when styled in the right way.

Sure, jumpsuits can be a little intimidating if you’ve never worn them before, and it’ll take you a little while to shake off the paranoia of feeling like you’re out and about rocking a pair of pyjamas. But I think it’s time to embrace them once and for all. Who knows, they may even become a new wardrobe staple!