Summer sun, something’s begun…’ and as we go about our usual beach routine, it’s interesting to note how things have changed over the years. Have there been many differences in beach customs? Do we go to the same places? Do we wear similar swimsuits? Richard looks at what things used to be like on the Rock and compares this with the trends of today.

And with ‘summer days drifting away to, uh-oh, those summer nights,’ a new and exciting band is playing at the Governor’s Parade on the 20th of July – Saxomania. Featured on this month’s cover, these four talented musicians give us a taste of smooth jazz along with various other genres, all played on… saxophones! This no-frills quartet use nothing other than their nimble fingers to create magical melodies. During the cover shoot they treated us to a little demo and that was enough to secure the 20th as a firm date in my calendar.

There are, of course, many other concerts on our summer calendar, both in Gib and along the coast, and we’ll be running competitions on our Facebook page so make sure you visit facebook.com/gibmag regularly for a chance to win free tickets!

With summer, too, comes the wedding season, and Julia’s put together a wardrobe ladies can choose from to suit a variety of fancy events, whether it’s a wedding, engagement party, or just a glamorous evening out.

Early last month, I assembled a GibMag team with Sophie and Chris, and a guest member from Dead City Radio to solve a murder mystery and escape a locked room on the East side of the Rock. Room Escape is a real-life adventure game very popular in major cities across the world and the Gibraltarian edition is fantastic! Sophie chronicles our experience in detail here. Meanwhile, Chris tells us about a different kind of escape, with his witty commentary on his travels in New York, the city that never sleeps.

Speaking of witty, if you enjoy a bit of dry humour, Marcus is back to tell us more about travelling with his parents. All I can say, it sounds fun to be around his dad…

On a more serious note, a new contributor, Molly tackles the issue of more and more Gibraltarian kids speaking only English. After Chinese, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and the opportunity we have here for our children to be bilingual should not be overlooked. Studies have shown that multilingual people enjoy more mental benefits; they are more creative, better at complex problem-solving and planning, and have increased focus to those speaking only one language. Molly also looks into Llanito, so I’ve prepared a few exercises to test yours.


In another new column this month, we welcome Denise, who explains how she became the Chapter Director for Startup Grind, the popular platform for new companies to promote themselves. If you have an idea for a business and it happens to be tech-related, her networking events are definitely the place to be.

But when you are not thinking about business opportunities (like Ian advises us in his article about why we should look towards The Commonwealth) or when you’re not cooking food very slowly (as Polly recommends in her parenting column), what gets you out of the house on these hot summer days ?

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