Love it or hate it, the World Cup has come around once again. Who do you want to win? We hit the streets to ask you just that; flick to our newly renovated Hello There pages to see what the consensus is.

For my fellow football widows, we have plenty to keep you entertained while the other half is glued to the screen. If you’re unlucky, you might have had card trouble while abroad. If you’re unlucky like me, it might even have happened to you while here in Gibraltar. To learn how to protect yourself from fraudsters accessing your personal info, flick to the next article in a series on how to be ‘Moneywise’.

In property, Jorge helps us to weigh up the pros and cons of investing both in Spain and locally. When purchasing a property, we should first consider these key questions. Another article that takes us across the divide is Nicole’s interview with the mayor of La Linea; what will happen to our neighbour across the way in the wake of Brexit?

We’ve shaken up the format of ‘A Woman’s Work’ this month for a special bloggers edition. See how these four home-grown ladies are reaping the benefits of a life in the ‘influencers’ spotlight.

Another influential woman I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing for this issue is our cover star Suzi Quatro, one of the music legends who will be taking to the stage at the MTV Gibraltar Calling festival in September. Find out how she came to play the bass, what it was like starring on Happy Days, and what movie she watches to put herself in a good mood!

Also in scene, we sit down with the three lovely ladies who were centre stage at this year’s Miss Gibraltar pageant, catch up with artist James Foot, and review Rock Escape Rooms’ latest 60-minute physical adventure game as we became casino criminals for an hour.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!