Feliz ano nuevo, dear readers. We made it! I was recently whisked away to Italy for my 30th birthday surprise (this is the bit where you gasp in shock that I’m either a lot older or a lot younger than you thought). You can read all about it in our travel piece by Chris, who, as you may have guessed, is my other half. (I don’t make a habit of going on holiday with all my contributors. Promise.)

New year, new features! Working Minds has collaborated with The Gibraltar Magazine to bring you a series of articles, centred around the very important topic of wellbeing at work. After all, as Henry Ford stated, “Profit is a by-product of work; happiness is its chief product”.

Another new feature I’m excited to introduce is Hearts of Gibraltar. Similar to the viral Humans of New York photoblog, our lens will zoom in on a number of the vibrant people who contribute to our colourful, multi-cultural community.

Lemon, baking soda and vinegar. Do these words mean anything to you? They should! This is all you need to create all the house-cleaning product you need. Chuck in some flour and an egg, and you also have the beginnings of a lemon drizzle cake. Win for the planet, win for my belly. (Alternatively, pop to the shops for a premade eco product. And pick up a lemon drizzle whilst you’re at it. Check out ‘Ocean Drops’, bought for me by my lovely mum-in-law; 1 drop creates 750ml of product!) This month, the AWCP encourage us to break habits, and make new ones.

A time to say goodbye, And a time to say hello.

It’s one thing to have a bunch of goals for the new year, but how do we actually actualise change? Jeremy encourages us not to wait for a specific day, but to start now! Want to up your reading? Set aside a bit of time before bed each night, as opposed to attempting to devour an entire tome of a Sunday. Stuck for what to read? Head over to our monthly book review, where Joel offers us some shelf awareness.

Cheers to a new year, and another chance for us to get it right.