I was introduced to the term ‘Intelligent Transport’ during a fascinating conversation with Stuart from E-Bike Gibraltar. I had initially envisaged this term to mean the rise of robotics in the world of transport and the unavoidable demise of humanity, but how wrong could I have been? Impressively, it seems.

The term in fact means a cleaner, alternative means of transport that does not emit any form of pollution and is thus a more ‘intelligent’ form of transport for the planet.

This is significant in relation to the endemic car-culture in Gibraltar where it is not uncommon for a family to have several cars per family. In fact, Gibraltar has one of the highest amount of cars per capita in the world; this is a sobering reality.

Investing in a cleaner means of transport not only benefits our carbon-cluttered atmosphere, but we in Gibraltar would see more noticeable local benefits such as less traffic, less noise pollution, and simply less hassle in daily life!

A cleaner, alternative means of transport that does not emit pollution.

My Experience of the E-Bike

I got the exciting chance to actually trial this E-Bike that I was going to write about. The E-Bike I rode was a Ruisse and Muller ‘Nevo Touring’. It was a sturdy machine that was comfortable to sit on and felt very secure throughout the whole ride at whatever speed I was going.

The riding experince was brilliant. I was riding at the speed of the average moving car which worked perfectly in the traffic around town, as I would just break away from the traffic and gracefully weave my way through. With its peddling assist I would be boosted. There are four options on the Power Assist, Eco, Tour, E-Mountain Bike and, my favourite, Turbo. I kept it on the Turbo setting, giving me a head start on the traffic. Each speed setting will give you more power the further you go up in settings, but the higher your power the less mileage you get.

Gibraltar has one of the highest amount of cars per capita in the world.

With my gearing firmly on Turbo (of course!) I hit some of the most challenging hills I could in the hour I was designated. My route took me from Ocean Village to Europa Point via Rosia, which I completely breezed through considering the soaring temperatures of the early afternoon. Whilst at Europa Point, I felt I had to picture the E-Bike in its full glory with the picturesque backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.

Satisfied at my amateur David Bailey tribute, I rode on Europa Advace Road which features a short, but grueling hill before Dudley Ward Tunnel, famed between local cyclists during lockdown as the cornerstone of the Top Of The Rock TT Series, which took cyclists up this dreaded hill. I couldn’t help but feel purely amazed at the ease at which I ascended it.

One of the E-Bike’s most notable features was its assists on climbs, as I found several times on Gibraltar’s hilly roads.

Satisfied with an easy day out riding I took the E-Bike back to the shop, having had a valuable experience of the next generation of personal travel.

The bike does the work, you just input the initial power.

My Thoughts

The E-Bike is very much a commuters bike, giving every advantage of the average bicycle and more. You will not tire because of the proficient peddle assist as it guides you along the busy local roads, making your commute a breeze.

As an avid cyclist the main difference I noticed was the pure effortlessnes of riding the bike. The bike does the work, you just input the initial power.

Just know that by riding an E-Bike, you are moving Gibraltar one step closer to a more sustainable future. Moving Gibraltar away from the carbon-based means of travel we have all grown used to, to a quieter, less emitting, pioneering place.

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