Millie Montegriffo, 54
Secretary at Greenarc Ltd
My dad wears this tatty cardigan I wish I could get rid of. My brother and I have bought him others but he still prefers this one. I really don’t want to hurt his feelings but I think one day it will mysteriously disappear!



Gytis Martinkus, 31
Finance Manager at VistaFin Service
I get particularly irritated when anyone wears ripped jeans. Why pay money for an item that looks old?! They’re not flattering either…




Lorna Slorach, 42
Retail Assistant at the Silver Shop
My particular dislike is any form of leggings, especially patterned or faux leather ones. Why? There’s no figure, at all, that can pull these off successfully! In fact, I’d ban the lot!


Bill Reilly, 56
Business Developer
Whether you’re male or female, I don’t like seeing collar’s worn “up”. Whilst it’s a look teenagers may just about get away with, those a bit older should realise it’s aging.




Jodie Farr, 32
Graphic Designer and Owner at Tivuli Digital Gifts
I’m the guilty one here! I have a pair of old grey joggers. Perhaps a bit chavvy, but really I love my comfy, chilling pants, though I wouldn’t dream of wearing them outdoors!


Joey Martinez, 57 and counting
Retired Fire Fighter, GoG
No one should ever wear socks with sandals! I feel that sandals are to be worn when the weather is warm, so that the feet can be cool. Using socks whilst wearing sandals totally defeats the purpose: it would be as if one were to wash their hands while wearing gloves.



Nicola Mascarentas, 36
Owner and Chef at Yummy Tummies
Visible underwear: I’m really not keen on seeing anyone’s underwear whatever they’re wearing and I really appreciate not being able to see underwear above trousers.


Tyrone Serra, 58
Company Director at Greenarc Ltd
I really can’t stand it when I see braces being worn as a fashion item. If they’re not needed to keep your trousers up, then they shouldn’t be worn!

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