hello there – THE WORST EXERCISE


Rosie Rockett, 23
Waitress at Bistro Point, Gibraltar
Jogging is my Achilles’ heel! To be honest, I do love it but at the same time, it’s the one I loathe the most as I don’t find it easy. I’m constantly trying to improve my stamina by employing all the tried and tested techniques, including running from lamppost to lamppost, but I do still struggle with breathing. I envy those who can run with ease as I would love to do a marathon!


Cristi Ungureanu, 20
Bartender/Marketing Consultant Bistro Point, Gibraltar
My love-hate relationship is with squats. I’m a lazy guy with long legs that make up around 70% of my body. Squatting, is a pain, however, that being said it’s a great exercise and I love them as much as I hate them to prevent my legs from looking like sticks.


Silvia Lopez, 33
Assistant Manager at Supernatural WTC
The exercise I hate the most is running because every time I try, it feels like it’s killing me, very slowly! Some people make it look so easy and I wish I was able to run too. Maybe though it is partly my fault because I don’t keep trying to improve my stamina. I have good intentions but the aches and pains usually win.


Campbell Reed, 24
General Manager at Supernatural WTC
I find cardio the most difficult exercise to commit to because once you’re doing it, it feels like it’s never going to end. As much as I know I should be doing it and despite telling myself “I WILL do it today”, I always end up finding any excuse in my mind to “ahh, just skip cardio”.


Marian Alami-Mercer, a touch over 25!
Photographer at MAZ Photography & owner of Rock the Booth
Oh this is such an easy question to answer! I really don’t like burpees at the fitness classes I attend. Unfortunately, my instructor loves them and after five years of going, I still refuse to do them! Whoever invented burpees should be shot, there’s just too much jumping. (Med Steps are not for me either!)


Eric Scott over 21
Deputy Manager Ocean Health Club
My 15-minute Tabata warm up is the worst thing …ever. I hate it because it’s difficult and it hurts – 20 seconds of burpees/planks/ mountain climbs and ten seconds rest, for 15 minutes, is not fun. I have very little free time so doing this particular warm up gets my heart rate raised and gets the job done. I do this before every workout.


Shaista McFarlane, 38
Hair Stylist/ Beauty Therapist/ Salon Owner of Sasha Beauty Works
Honestly, I hate walking to work because walking to work makes me so tired. I much prefer to drive to work, which I did when I lived in the UK. For me, the time it takes to get from A to B, just means I end up exhausted before my active day has started. Don’t get me wrong, I like to work out and I’m quite happy to exercise but certainly not before work.


Alejandro Rios, 27
Personal Trainer at Ocean Health Club
I love everything which involves being active and good food (REAL food!). Personally, I enjoy Functional Training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval training), anything except burpee! I hate burpees. Just because they are horrible and I’ve not yet found a person that likes them.

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