Alan George Wszeborowski, 16
Bayside student Year 12
My main New Year’s resolution is to improve in my studies and spend more time with my family. I would like to see my grandmother in Poland because I don’t see her very often. Apart from that, I’d also like to get more involved in charity work.



Kimberly Pecino, 26
John Mackintosh Hall Library Manager
I would like to read more. I know it’s ironic that I don’t have enough time to read at the library, but I am very busy. I like thrillers and books that make you think. They’re the ones that I just can’t put down once I’ve started.


Mark, 53
I would like to paint more of my colourful pictures that make people happy. I love to help people and seeing people smile inspires me. I enjoy painting flowers because they have all the colours in the world.



Sonya Wednt, 41
Light and Power Shop Director
I would like to travel more. I would like to visit Hawaii as part of my bucket list of places to visit. I want to climb a volcano. Climbing an active volcano on the island would be a dream come true.


Kelvin Llambias, 24
John Mackintosh Hall Library Worker
My resolution is to complete my book before the end of the year. It is a sci-fi fantasy and I am also drawing my own characters and places. I’ve been working on it for years.



Loly, 65
Gibraltar Artisans Market Committee Member
I would like to take some time to redecorate my home from top to bottom. I already have it completely planned out and it is a chance to get creative, but Christmas time is quite busy so I’ll leave it for the New Year.


Victor, 45
Gibraltar Artisans Market Committee Member
My New Year’s resolution this year is to try and improve the handmade arts and crafts fair to the best of my ability. I want to help promote this as it is my passion and it is a project that pleases Gibraltar’s community.



Nicole Torres, 45
Gibraltar Artisans Market Committee Member
I quit smoking last year. This year I’m going to treat myself and take more holidays. I work all year round in the extreme cold or in the blistering heat, so everyone deserves to put their feet up once in a while.