Leon Cruz, 12
Middle School
Now I prefer non-fiction and real life heroes but I do quite like Captain America, especially his shield and the way it can be used to protect him. Also, when I was much younger, I really wanted to be Spider-Man and get all his super powers.



Lena Harriet, 4
Reception, St Joseph’s School
I have two favourites and they are Disney’s Rapunzel and Elsa. I like them a lot because they are brave, pretty and they are really funny. I think they sing beautiful songs and I like to listen to them over and over again and sing along.


Raja Mengunani, 41
Store Manager, Antonio Diamond Boutique
My favourite fictional character is Superman. He has great super powers and he does what he wants, how he wants, when he wants, where he wants, why he wants and to whom he wants. Why would anyone want anything less?!



Mary Smethers, 70
I’ve loved Micky Mouse for as long as I can remember. Watching Mickey takes me back to my childhood and makes me happy. I don’t mind whether it’s in black and white or in colour, I love all his adventures and I love wearing Micky Mouse t-shirts too.


Sean Smethers, 47
Shop Worker
Anyone who is familiar with Star Trek will know my favourite character from the “Live Long and Prosper” quote. Mr Spock is my all-time favourite character. He is always there to help solve problems using his brain and logic without emotions clouding his judgement. I have seen every episode, from all the series but it was watching the original series with my dad, who was a fan of Mr Spock, that influenced me from a very early age.


M J Feek
Chef, Benjamin’s, Ocean Village
Without a doubt, my favourite fictional character is Harry Potter. I’ve spent many years reading and watching him and now he is a favourite of my children too. Twice a year, we have a Harry Potter marathon where we watch all the films one after another. We know them so well we can even quote the dialogue at the same time as the characters!


Denis Sheethan, 72
Ex Police Constable, MOD
I love Del Boy, the character created by David Jason in Only Fools and Horses. With such a talented actor he’s created a character that people watching can identify with. Everything Del Boy does or gets involved with, makes me laugh. I feel that I could get on well with Del Boy.



Rose Hodjanson, 66
Retired Nurse, GHA
I’ve found my fictional favourite through my grandchildren – Elsa from Frozen. They watch and listen to it all the time so I know the story, the character and the songs very well. We even listen to it in the car. It’s my favourite because it’s something we all do together.

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