Kristel Hook, 30
Owner at The Hair Loft
Dancing got me moving, dancing motivated me. While I love all forms of dance, my favourite had to be Modern and Jazz which I used to do with Stylos.




Patryk Mozdzynski, 6

I just played when I was little, now I’m six, I like to play football with my brother Filip, he’s the one who gets me to do stuff. Now I’m also learning karate and how to play the piano and I like riding my scooter after school.



Deepti Samtani
Manager at Deepti Samtani
We went outside to the park to play with our friends, we might go cycling, play tennis or even football. As we only had five channels on TV, it wasn’t that much fun and there was more appeal in going out than staying in.



Kieron De La Rosa 35
Air Con Engineer
I used to love playing football with my friends and because there were no assigned areas for us to play in, we used to play in the streets around the estates. If we became bored with football, we’d head to the beach as all of us enjoyed being outdoors. Nowadays, all I see is kids playing consoles and not realising there’s more to life than a TV screen.


Helen Darvill, 31
Owner at Aphrodite Beauty
I was brought up in the Lake District so was surrounded by farm lands, fields and trees. Motivation to be active and outside wasn’t needed at all, we were never in. Every day was a new adventure as we played outdoors, climbed trees, went conker hunting, built dens and generally got up to a little bit childish mischief!


David Crome, 51
There was no reason for us to stay in so my friends and I would always be out during the summer. We were always on the beach playing games, swimming and having fun. If we couldn’t go on the beach then we’d hike up the Rock and when possible, we’d go camping. Then, when I got to my late teens, it’s was clubbing that got me out of the house.


Deborah Davies, 49
Sales Assistant at Polka Dot
I adored roller skates! I remember my sister and I being super excited to get a pair each for Christmas. We were terrified it would snow and we couldn’t use them. We practically lived in them until we outgrew them and couldn’t wear them anymore.



Steven “noni” Belilo, 34
Prison Officer
I remember my friends and I would spend hours in Queensway or Landport playing basketball. There would always be someone there to play against. I was saddened when Landport was turned into a carpark.

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