the_gibraltar_magazine_october_2016-photos_page_018_image_0001Katie Grig, 29
Company Secretary
My favourite prank was on April Fools’ Day. I dumped my other half as a joke through a text message. He seemed devastated and didn’t get it, so I told him to check out the date and he came to his senses, realising it was a joke.



Andrew Jeswani, 38the_gibraltar_magazine_october_2016-photos_page_018_image_0003
Air Traffic Controller
I used to work for GB airways and one day a friend of mine decided to tie a few balloons and condoms to his bag and left it at the steps of the aircraft so everyone would see it before they boarded. They must have thought someone was going to have one hell of a party.



Phil Taylor, 52the_gibraltar_magazine_october_2016-photos_page_019_image_0004

Assistant Transport Coordinator
My best prank was when I kidnapped the head of a life-sized Father Christmas cardboard stand and I raffled it off for charity in BFBS Radio. The owner of the Red Lion bar at the time offered to pay a certain amount of money to have it returned. It was fun and it had the added bonus that the money went to the Help for Heroes charity.

Ashlene Gallardo, 35the_gibraltar_magazine_october_2016-photos_page_019_image_0001
When visiting a friend at university, one morning we were preparing to go shopping and I decided to prank her, so I grabbed some powder and put it in her hairdryer. She used to take over two hours to get ready, you cannot imagine. So, she got the hairdryer and out came the powder all over her face and clothes. She was not happy, but I certainly was.

the_gibraltar_magazine_october_2016-photos_page_018_image_0004Squidgy, 61
Community Worker at Nazereth House
I had an interesting prank done to me as a young 17-year old in the Navy. I was told to get a bucket of steam for the steamer. I just picked up a bucket, filled it with water and chucked it on the person who told me to fetch it. When he cried out in anger, I just said that it had gone cold.


Alan Stevensen, 33 the_gibraltar_magazine_october_2016-photos_page_018_image_0002
Director at JP Haulage
I went out on my brother’s stag do and he had a picture of himself as a toddler when some random guy walked up to him and said: “Tell your mum I feel sorry for you ‘cos that’s one big head you’ve got”. It made at least 17 of us crack up in hysterics.



Nigel, 25
Customs Officer
I told my mum that my girlfriend was pregnant. She wasn’t…



Denisa Fussiova, 26the_gibraltar_magazine_october_2016-photos_page_019_image_0003
Manager at Wagamama’s Restaurant
I called my sister to pick me up one day from prison and she began to panic, so I quickly told her it was just a joke.

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