Nick Harding, 28,
Digital Content Executive at William Hill
My chosen superpower would be the ability to control time, so I could speed up the boring things in life and make the most of all the good times!




Freya Skilton, 4
St Joseph’s
I want to be able to stick like gecko out of PJ Masks and have a super lizard grip… and to be invisible so I can see the dolphins!




Aiden Barbara, 8
If I had a superpower it would be the ability to fly so that I could visit any place in the world in a flash!





Christina Cortes, 33
Senior Broadcast Journalist at GBC
I’d love to be able to fly – it just seems like it would be really fun, liberating, and exhilarating!





Molly, 3
Chief Toy Destroyer and Purveyor of Cuddles and Licks
The ability to talk to humans so I can tell them they are good boys or girls, and tell them that not sharing pizza is illegal. But the superpower I most want is the ability to open drawers. The treats drawer in particular.



Anni Soomets, 28
Waitress at Café Fresco
For my superpower, I would like to be able to make money out of thin air… all I want to do is travel LOTS!




Freya Lynott, 31
Paralegal at ISOLAS
My chosen super power would have to be invisibility so that I could go wherever I wanted to with no one knowing.




Tara Guilliano, 28
Costume Maker & Accounts Coordinator
at Gib Oil Ltd

I would have to pick telekinesis as my superpower; I’ve always enjoyed the idea of moving and affecting things with my mind. I’d never have to go looking for the TV remote as I could just flick through the channels with a thought, and it would be so easy to multitask if your hands are doing one thing and your mind another. It would also be helpful getting things down from the high shelves as I’m not usually tall enough to reach!