Oliver Cox, 14
Student at Bayside School, Explorer, Scuba Diver

England, because we haven’t won in ages.




Katy Docker

England, of course. People always laugh at me when I say it, but you’ve gotta have faith! Come on boys, bring it home!



Aeris, 4 months
Heart Melter

I support every team, so long as they let me play with their ball.



Giordano, 37

I hope Portugal wins. I’m a regular visitor and a big fan of their cuisine. It’s a nation that plays football with great flair, but they’ve never won a World Cup before.



Priya Gulraj, 33
Reporter at the Gibraltar Chronicle

Senegal, because I like the name and that’s where cute parrots originate from!



Daniel Garcia Sempere, 38
Bartender at Supernatural

I would like Spain to win because we have the best team in the world and the best ‘tiki-taka’ of all of the teams in the competition. Vamos!