Kookie, 5,
Office Diva at Music Box Gibraltar
A song from the movie ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’. It’s a song I very much identify with, being ‘tiny but mighty’. It gives me positive vibes and makes want to run and bark around the office.

Dylan Ferro, 42,
Head of Production at Music Box Gibraltar.
‘Could you be loved’ by Bob Marley. Reggae music always reminds me of the beach and Bob Marley has always been the master of this genre! This song in particular always puts a smile on my face, every single time I hear it.

Nikita Shemyakin, 25,
Accountant at Music Box Gibraltar.
‘Summer in the City’ by The Lovin’ Spoonful (1966). What I love about this classic pop rock hit is how full of energy it is. I would describe it as sounding rough and conveying a powerful motion. It sounds like the noon of a searing hot day in a centre of a bustling megapolis. The composition is excited, anxious and intense – to me, it’s the perfect summer tune.

Caroline Byrne, 40,
Marketing & Sales Executive at Music Box Gibraltar.
I have two favourites amongst others ‘Baby I Love Your Way’ by Big Mountain and ‘I’ll be missing you’ by Puff Daddy feat. Faith Evans. These two songs bring so many wonderful memories of two super fun summers for me. It’s amazing how music can trigger your memories and make you relive them all over again. Love the nineties and its music!

Karin Soiref, 24,
Programme & Music Editor at Music Box Gibraltar.
Calvin Harris, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man – ‘Giant’. First of all, I am a big fan of Rag ‘n’ Bone Man in general and in this song specifically. I love the lyrics and message it represents. The beat is very groovy too. It is very hard to sit still in the office when this song is playing!

Anjette Jones, 49,
In-house Lawyer at Music Box Gibraltar.
‘Waterfalls’ by TLC. It reminds me of my first summer with my first born. We played the whole of TLC’s album throughout the summer, and Waterfalls was our all-time favourite.