The GBC Newsroom Team

Unfortunately, in the GBC newsroom, the National Day tradition is to work! That said, it’s hard not to get into the spirit of the day when you’re surrounded by all the red-and-white-clad people celebrating in the sun!



Patrizia Imossi, 27
Art Teacher at Bayside School

When I was younger I would always spend my National Day enjoying the local bands. Now I like to thank Gibraltar for the bank holiday and spend my weekend away, outdoors in the campo.



Frankie Hatton
Sensei, 28 years karateka

Normally the wife and I go up the Rock on the Cable Car, have breakfast at the top of the Rock and then walk back down. Lovely!




Gulliver, 41
Beach Chicken

I used to spend the festivities coughing up red and white balloons, but now I can poop on people with nothing blocking my view!



Paul Crudgington
Director of Vero Cover LTD, 5 years karateka

Every National Day I love going to the beach with all my family and friends, drinking beer and swimming… I also try and sneak into the Lopez’ tent!