Alise Lapinska, 25
Travel Vlogger & Blogger at alikilife.com

Maluma – “Malinero”. This song was with me throughout this summer while making my travel blogs and vlogs. It is a chilled but deep song, perfect for relaxing summer evenings. Lately I’ve become a fan of Maluma music, he is a very talented artist, and his Spanish songs help me to learn Spanish even better.


Mircea Don, 29
Salesman at Sapphiro.

I haven’t chosen one for 2018, but my favourite song is “Amazing Grace”. My favourite version is by Louis Armstrong, because I’m a trumpet player myself.



Angy Barragan, 46
English & Spanish Teacher at Little English.

Anything by David Guetta! I wish he had played at the MTV Festival…




Justin Phillips, 33
Barrister & Acting Solicitor at Phillips Barristers
& Solicitors

John Mayer – “New Light”, because he’s a kickass guitarist, singer, and song writer.



Veronica Del Valle, 32
Spanish Teacher at Little English.

Pablo López – “El Patio”. There’s piano music, and it’s about how you should hold on to your dreams as a kid. I love the lyrics, they’re very poetic.



Hendricks, 3
Amateur Philosopher, Fly Catcher, and Hair Ball Manufacturer.

Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”, because of its bold metaphors that hold the 21st century accountable for hateful misperceptions, thus captivating the cultural zeitgeist.