Laura Phillips, 30
Student Teacher

Sandy Bay. It was the beach I used to go to as a child – when it was half the size and made of stones. The fact they used sand all the way from the Sahara is amazing! It’s also usually relatively empty due to the parking situation…



Kunal Budhrani, 29
Associate Solicitor at Massias & Partners

Does the yacht club count as a beach? [Chuckles].
I like it because you have access to both swimming pool and sea, and you get waiter service to your sunbed!



Alex Bear, 27
Trainee Accountant at Abacus

Caleta, because it was my childhood beach so it has an air of nostalgia for me.
I love the coloured houses. It’s like a little Italian town.



Daisy Docker, 2
Princess of the House

Eastern Beach, because it’s so big and I’m so small. I wish I could play on it all year long.




Gabriella Clifton-Psaila, 26
Business Development Administrator at Finsbury Trust

Caleta! The history, the restaurants, the childhood memories… there are a number of reasons that make it my favourite.




Julian Berllaque, 30
Administrative Officer for HMGoG at HRD

Sandy Bay, AKA ‘Hawks Beach’. It was left forgotten before; I love that they’ve remade it into a nice clean beach. You get the perfect amount of sun!