Maciek Zelazny, 30

Visual Manager, Marks & Spencer.

My mum always told me “Remember it’s always better to listen first before you speak, because you can always learn something new when you listen.”




Julia Grant, 30

Graphic Designer, Image Graphics.

Mum taught me so many vital things through her example. Most of all I’d say she taught me to be strong, to persevere, to love unconditionally, and to be relentless in the pursuit of my happiness.


Marie Fredriksson, 29

Player experience, 32Red.

She taught me “Sometimes you have to bite the sour apple” or “Take the bull by its horns”. Basically to stay strong.



Ivanka Pazio, 28

Sales Assistant, Searock

My mother told me, “All good deeds (just like bad ones) come back to us with double strength. Good or evil the world will repay you sooner or later in some form.”



Cupcake Picnic Grant, 3

Professional Cuddle Monster

Mum taught me to be as adorable as possible at all times, which includes wearing cute outfits, snoring loudly and definitely not pooping on the kitchen floor! Pug’s sake 🙁



Lorraine Laguea Blagg, 50

Director of NP Estates.

My mum always taught me to follow my dreams and to never give up. To treat people how I want to be treated and to always be respectful.