Abigail Taylor, 31
Senior Stylist at Mayfair on Main.

It would probably be a photo of my whole family which was given to me by my cousin for my 30th birthday in a beautiful frame. The photo was taken when we celebrated my grandfather’s 70th birthday and he sadly passed away the following year.



George, 33
Manager at Calpe Pharmacy.

I was given tickets to go see the ATP tennis tour in London from my brother. I got to see Federer play – he is a legend!




Kirsty Watson, 26
Stylist at Mayfair on Main.

My most memorable gift is my grandmother’s eternity ring which was left to me and I wear it every day as it’s like a piece of her is always with me.



Hugo, 2
Distributor of Licks.

My favourite present is my wooden bone which I take with me every time we go to the beach. I play fetch with it until I get tired… which is never!



Daniela Ayre, 38
Cancer Relief Nurse at the Cancer Relief Centre.

My answer is my grandmas 1940’s engagement ring. Not only is it beautiful but as she sadly died over 10 years, it reminds me of my wonderful childhood memories, her strength, kindness and beauty!



Abdelkader Rahmouni, 72
Shop Assistant at Calpe Pharmacy

I was given £1000 as a present one year from my son. I was ecstatic! I really needed the money to redo my kitchen.