Malena Pérez, 26,

Sales Genius at Newton Store

“VIP ticket for Mad Cool festival in Madrid next year! I prefer experiences over material gifts.”

Catalina Bocanet, 39,

Sales Assistant at Newton Store

“A box filled with health! Health is the most important thing to me. Or happiness!”

Charlie Brown, 24,

Apple Sales Assistant at Newton Store

“I would love a Bengal cat. I miss having an animal around the house. I sadly had to leave mine back in the UK with my family.”

Dora and Heidi,

Former Thundercats

“Dora wants a top hat and Heidi wants a lawn mower for her catnip. The usual cat stuff really.”

Ludo Leroy, 45,

Managing Director

“I’m hoping to find the new Apple Watch series 5, from somebody dear who might read this… hint hint.”

Heiko Rademacher, 44,

Senior Mac Technician at Newton Store

“A day off. Failing which, I’ll settle for winning the Euro Millions.”