Paul Gibson, 62,

Director and Surveyor at NP Estates & Gibson Gale Ltd.

I like to get creative sometimes so my trick would be to wait until the person falls asleep and then  paint their windows black; they’ll think it’s constant night!

Lorraine Laguea, 51,

Director at NP Estates

I can’t play a trick on someone without feeling guilty, but my trick is to turn the most unsellable house into a dream home.


Aidan Montero, 23,

Realtor at NP Estates.

My trick would be to visit a friends’ house and write on the mirror with my finger, so a scary message appears when it steams up… “I’m watching you!”


Ruth Quinn, 57,

Office Manager at NP Estates

Oh I wouldn’t be able to play a trick on someone, I’m far too nice! I’d rather go for treat.


Gianni, 1,

Eater of Bugs.

I like to hide in the leaves and camouflage myself to trick my delicious meals into coming close… muahaha!